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Well. I started out in Census training as an enumerator, one of those people who go house to house to contact everyone who didn't mail in their forms. During the training I got picked to be a Crew Leader Assistant, which entailed going to all the nightly enumerator meetings to help our section's Crew Leader check paperwork and time sheets and make sure everything was correct, and also go out in the field and do enumerator evaluations if the CL asked me to. Then our Crew Leader got offered a permanent job the first week we went out in the field, so he recommended me to our Field Operations Supervisor as his replacement, which FOS guy approved.

To make a long story less long, I am now a Crew Leader, which is a 7-day a week full time position. I have a meeting at noon everyday with the FOS and other Crew Leaders to hand in paperwork and discuss problems, etc., then I have to meet with my enumerators and CLs every night at 8 to get their time sheets, field paperwork, etc. I don't know when the whole operation will be done, but if it runs through Memorial Day I most likely won't be able to take the whole weekend off. (I didn't ask yet, as one of my philosophies is that time off is not the first thing you ask about when you take a new job!) If I have to work that weekend, I'll at least try and go down for a day, as I really want to see everyone! But I'm making some sizable bucks at this job, even thought it's temporary, so I certainly don't want to blow it off.
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